Products And Services

Credit card Processing
We offer a cost efficient solution for your business.  Don’t lose out on sales because you aren’t offering your customers the added convenience of being able to pay with their credit card.  Studies show that credit card sales are typically 2.5x larger than cash transactions.  Already accept credit cards? No problem, on average we help businesses save 20% on their credit card processing fees.


Debit Card Processing
Save hundreds in transaction processing fees by accepting debit cards.  Offer your customers the ability to receive cash back.  You even have the ability to set a cash back limit.  Accepting debit cards provides enhanced security by reducing your risk of chargebacks.  Accept pin based debit from your credit card terminal or through an external pin pad


Check Guarantee
Check Guarantee provides protection that eliminates the risk of accepting bad checks. Improve cash flow and eliminate collection operations.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing funds are guaranteed by the processor. By following simple procedures during the transaction, the risk is transferred to the check processor. Check Guarantee provides you the freedom to accept checks without fear.


Gift And Loyalty Cards
Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase a gift card.  Studies show that gift cards increase sales by 4.5% and improve customer retention by 14%.  You can also reward your loyal customers by creating a customized rewards program that is unique to your business.  In addition, send your card holders text messages or customized emails about special promotions all from one online portal.  Put your business in the wallets of your customers, accept gift and loyalty today.



Merchant Funding
Do you need a little extra help to purchase new equipment, expand your business or purchase additional inventory?  With banks and lenders being more selective on who they fund why not take advantage of Advance Funding.  Get cash fast by selling a portion of your future credit card sales.



Online Reporting
Whether you have a counter top terminal or an online gateway you have the ability to view your transactions, batches, and monthly statements online.  In addition to being able to view transaction information you are also able to dispute chargebacks with a few clicks.


Don’t waste your money leasing a terminal.  We offer a wide range of credit card terminals to fit your business.  We have terminals that will work with a traditional analog line or through your internet connection.  Don’t have a traditional retail location?  Not a problem, for our eCommerce merchants we offer several different payment gateways to fit your business needs.


Mobile Payments
Accept payments in the palm of your hand.  Don’t bill your customers later or waste time trying to collect payments after you have provided service.  Accept payments at the time of service with a mobile phone or wireless terminal.  This is an ideal solution for plumbers, electrician, traveling merchants or even restaurants.  Don’t have  your servers running back and forth to the credit card machine, take credit card payments table side today.


Recurring Billing
Do you bill your customers on a monthly basis? Save time and money with our recurring billing solution.  Enter your customers information once and it will automatically charge your customers credit card or draft your customers bank account on the date you specify.